Chris Faulkner with single parent mother and older sister

Chris, mom, and sister

Chris Faulkner
Director (Volunteer)

I was raised by a single-parent mother. Though blessed beyond measure, we endured much financial hardship. Living with an incredibly small budget, emergency needs could be (and were) catastrophic for my mother and family. It only took a few unexpected events during a given month in order for our family to be tempted to fret and despair. Required maintenance on our home or vehicle was especially nerve-wracking.

I was a competitive high school athlete, a young entrepreneur, graduated Valedictorian from Huntington High School and completed a bachelor’s degree in Finance (Magna Cum Laude) from Texas A&M University in May 2009. Key father figures provided a platform in the construction industry to acquire a package of business and trade skills from a young age.

My professional experience includes: leading a home improvement salvage retail business, financial planning and analysis for Nuverra Environmental Solutions, running a small construction and remodeling company, and performing valuation and business modeling services with Ernst & Young LLP.

My international professional/academic experience includes: building a primary school in a village outside of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa for orphans, assisting microfinance professionals through research and operations strategy at Grameen Bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh where 95% of the loans were issued to women, conducting securities and real estate asset research for an investment fund in Singapore, and studying Corporate Finance at the London School of Economics.